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All wines are offered for sale IN BONDUK en primeur. They will be expected to arrive into the bond between Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024.

Where a range of pricing is given (ie, £325 - £350), the price is currently an estimate andmay differ significantly upon release. We will confirmall pricing as we are able to.

Wemay be able to offer large formats on select wines - please do enquire if this is of interest to you.

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BURGUNDY EN PRIMEUR 2021 Vintage Report The Burgundy Phoenix rises from the fire…frost! Terroir, Terroir, Terroir!!!


Welcome to 2021 Burgundy Vintage In our vintage report last year, we mentioned that 2021 yieldswere looking really rathermeagre after the devastating April 2021 frosts. We did our best to look the other way when shown a few lonely barrels in growers’ caves . We hoped and prayed that somehow, just somehow, therewouldbemore wine to taste than we saw. Of course, they haven’t managed to conjure something from nothing! This year’s tastings confirmed that for Burgundy 2021 there is very, very, very little wine indeed! Some parts of Meursault suffered 85% losses , with a number of white producers we’ve known for years declining our request to taste, given the scarcity. The Côte de Beaune was around 60% down . The later bud-bursting Pinot in the Côte de Nuits wasn’t hit quite so badly by the frosts and fared somewhat better. Despite these somewhat morbid statistics, L’Equipe Farthinghoe headed toBeaune for aweek of tastings and set up HQ in a Gîte just out of town to hunker down for the week. Working in two teams, we managed to scoot up and down the Côte d’Or and get in to see thirty or so Domaines – pretty good going given some merchants gave up trying to taste at all. As always, we’re disinclined to read up too much about a vintage prior to tasting, as pre conceptions, good or bad, can skew one’s view, diminishing the purpose of one’s visit. We were very excited to see what Burgundy 2021 had in store for us. First Impressions The past three vintages were warmer and riper than usual (what’s usual these days?), though 2019 and 2020 were somewhat of a paradox given their relative freshness despite the summer’s intense

heat. It felt like “solar” vintages were here to stay. So, 2021 has come as a breath of fresh air, a step back in time to the ‘classic’ vintages of the past, yet with all the benefits of expertise, organic and bio dynamic philosophy, technology and selectivity of contemporary vine-growing and winemaking. When fruit is particularly ripe, it can mask its definition of place and, although I’m a believer that terroir tends to express itself more with bottle and vine age, that’s only true to an extent. The 2021 wines are very clearly Bourguignon not Méditerrannée . Delicacy, perfume, precision, purity repeat time and again in our notes and, of course, that wonderful vineyard definition and terroir that makes Burgundy so unique and special. What was also lovelywere the alcohol levels – it was the one word that wasn’t repeated, apart from to notehownatural it felt and, at 12.5%toamaximum 13.5%, it plays a supporting second fiddle to the fruit. So, a vintage of terroir definition if ever we saw one, but as always, how did it come about? The Vintage Conditions The barometer hit 20°C at the end of February and touched a remarkable 30°C over Easter in late March. The vines could resist the inviting warmth no longer and started their growing season with delicate buds bursting from hardened vine. Punishment for this impatience was meted out by the most severe of frosts lasting three long nights anddays fromApril 6th – a bitingly cold, persistent ‘black frost’ with temperature down to nearly -10°C - annihilating the delicate new shoots. Fresh snow then locked in the cold. Jacques Devauges at Domaine de Lambrays told us that for the rest of April the vines were so shocked they showed very little growth. The cycle started in earnest in




4 BURGUNDY 2021 ENPRIMEUR OSA: On Strict Allocation May as the vines tried to catch up. Fresh and rainy conditions continued through the early summer, ideal for mildew and oidium if not carefully addressed. Charles Magnien in Gevrey treated his vines no less than 11 times, eight at night – a 15 hour process: now

Widespread decisions to utilize less pigéage , or pumping over, to minimize extraction were also made with the focus being on wines of delicacy and purity. This was beautifully exhibited at Chandon de Briailles, whose use of basket presses, coupled with bio-dynamic winemaking, has resulted

that’s dedication and can be seen in his wines. As they say in France “Aout fait le moût” : August makes the (wine) must. Never truer than this year, as the grapes gently ripened to full maturity. The harvest started in the last week in September – harking back to the traditional 100 days between flowering and harvest - a full month later than in 2020 which was closer to a 90-day growth cycle. As you can imagine, painful and stressful for the vignerons. Finally, though, they had some healthy, ripe grapes with which to make some traditional Burgundian Pinot Noir and Chardonnay...albeit in tiny volumes. Vintage Character Themostmindful growerswereextremelycareful toavoidextracting toomuch fromthegrapes. This is a vintage of perfumed Pinot at its apogee, and it was important to respect that. Many growers chose touse fewerwholebunches this year, relying on the grape skin over stalks for their tannins. The freshness delivered by the stems in hot years - when ripe - was already present in spades. While tasting with Nicolas Potel (who knows a thing or two about winemaking, andmade some excellent wines at Roche de Bellene), the phrases ‘crunchy’, ‘linear’ and ‘ parfumée ’ appeared time and again in our notes. As did the phrases “ terroir definition ” and “this is so Chambolle” or “ so Vosne” start to become repetitive….in a good way! Nicolas Drouhin at Drouhin-Laroze, among others, was concerned that the stalks and stems, les rafflés , were not sufficiently ripe, so chose to exclude them. Use of new oak was also diminished, such as at Tollot-Beaut. Nathalie’s wines are absolutely delightful and engaging.

in some hauntingly beautiful wines this vintage – Chapeau! Interestingly, and we tasted around 300 wines between us, there were very, very few we were unimpressed with – the hallmarks being elegant, perfumed fruit, fine and gentle tannins, supporting yet background acidity with unobtrusive alcohol for the reds and a balance of verve and concentration for thewhites. Brilliantly, what they all showed was … terroir, terroir, terroir!! Finally, theMarket! So, market conditions are interesting! There’s up to 80% reductions on the whites, and significant reductions for the reds. There are large costs associated with the 2021 vintage, including €100,000s spent on the ‘smudge pots’, material costs for bottles, transport and treatments of oidium and mildew. All these, coupled with those awful yields, spell only one thing. On the other hand, Les Bourguignons’ 2022 vintage appears to be of good volume and quality, so there should be some breathing space. Demand continues to outstrip supply and, as Les Bordelais have been doing for years, not all the crop is released En Primeur as their pockets become deeper, so perhaps they’ll be able to hold back a bit less than usual. At the point of going to press, we’ve had very few prices and have added estimates based on our analysis. They are of course up, but by varying amounts andwehope, just hope, our estimates are ‘worst case’. Either way, we love this 2021 vintage and the Burgundian phoenix has risen from the fire or rather, ironically, the frost. We are proud to offer you each and every one of the wines over the following pages…bon appétit!! Alex










DOMAINE DROUHIN-LAROZE - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN Wewere greetedbyCarolineDrouhin, who runs this Domaine in the heart of Gevrey-Chambertinwithher brother Nicholas. They are the 9th generation of winemakers in the family; their great-great grandmother had the foresight to buy many of the Grand Crus which they still own. The two families came together in 1919with themarriage of AlexandreDrouhin (Chambolle) andSuzanne Laroze (Gevrey). The 2021wines are soft and pure with a classic acidity. Harvest began at the end of September, back tomore traditional timings in the vineyard after 3 early ripening vintages. New oak is used sparingly, and toast levels are low, so each appellation is best able to express itself. Fermentation with 30% whole bunch is the norm, though the more powerful sites Clos de Vougeot andMusigny are de-stemmed as befits their fruit driven style.

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, DIXCLIMATS Richer and more complex than the Bourgogne before it. The fruit is darker, spicier, filled with hedgerow berries. It is really really well made with crunchy redcurrant, spice andfine grained texture. Thefinish is long andrestrained. 2026-2032 £255 / 6BOTTLES CLOSDEVOUGEOTGRANDCRU 100% destemmed to create textbook Vougeot power. It combines dark chocolate, floral aromas and sour cherry. It is beautifully made, with silky powdery tannins, restrained power and pure dark fruit. The finish is long, silky and complex. 2032-2045 £450 / 3 BOTTLES

CHAMBERTINCLOS-DE-BÈZEGRANDCRU A powerful, heady and seductive wine that seduces and envelopes. There are incredible aromatics of exotic spice, layered fruit and refined power. It is intense, concentrated and balanced yet light on its feet. There is energy, power and moves through the gears seamlessly with and array of defined fruit and spice. One of the wines of the week, a truly serious Grand Cru. 2032-2050 £525 / 3 BOTTLES



DOMAINEHERESZTYN-MAZZINI - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN Heresztyn-Mazzini are still areasonablyrecent additiontoourportfolio, offeredfor thefirst time in2019. The Domaine itself is hard to locate, a small gate between houses in the heart of Gevrey-Chambertin opening to a courtyard with glorious views over the vineyards beyond. We were greeted by the charming Florence Heresztynwhohas beenat thehelmof the 5.5hectare family estate since 2012, alongsideher husbandSimon Mazzini who owns a family Champagne house. Since taking over, Florence has set about overhauling the quality of the estate. Thehouse style is oneof silky, sensual fruitwitha lift of floral elegancewhichworks very well with the 2021 vintage. They retain a significant proportion of stems during fermentation to give added aroma and structure though their Bourgogne and Gevrey Village, yet to finish organic conversion they are 100% de-stemmed and see no new oak. They use some biodynamic practices but also some scientific phyto therapyon their vines. Rest assured they arehighly conscientious andgo far above their organic certification in caring for the plots and vines. The wines are aged in oak barrels for 18 months, drink beautifully when young but have the richness and concentration to age magnificently. We are delighted to offer here and really think this Domaine is one to watch. As Neal Martin wrote recently: “There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a winemaker, a domaine, ratchet up the quality a few notches” — and that is undoubtedly the case here with Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini. The wines are elegant and fresh with very pure fruit character and delicate tannins. If Florence can continue this upward quality trajectory, balancing elegance with silky power, this is sure to be a future top player in the region.



GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, VIEILLESVIGNES 45% whole bunch fermentation. This is almost more Chambolle-esque than theChambollebefore it. It is bright and light on its feet; full of graphite, cherry, raspberry. It has lovely bright, crunchy, fine fruit showing red cherry, raspberry with grippy structure. There is a lightness of touch on the long saline finish. 2025-2032 £315 - £360 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, LES JOUISESVIEILLES VIGNES From 2 plots, low on the slopes, in the south of the village, on the Morey St Denis side. This is a dark, brooding, focused wine, with rich, ferrous notes. There is delicious, sweet and tart crunchy fruit. It shows a silky, savoury grippy structure. The finish is moreish, savoury and very CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY 50% whole bunch fermentation, 30% new oak. It is from 2 plots, around Amoureuses. There is a lovely open, inviting nose showing pretty Chambolle fruit - creamy blueberry and dark raspberry. The texture is creamy with fresh acidity. There is structure and freshness. A smoky complexity on the finish. 2026-2033 £335 - £375 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, LES SONGESVIEILLES VIGNES From two plots in the north of the village, where there is richer soil than Jouises, giving broader silkier wines. Compares well to Jouises: it is silkier, broader and more open. The fruit is delicious, sweet first, then tart with seductive cocoa powder. It is fine grained, elegant and drinkable, but with a serious, grippy strutuce beneath the attractive fruit. This is delicious but more serious than it drinkable. 2027-2035 £315 - £360 / 6BOTTLES

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRULESGOULOTS Goulots means neck, and this is a narrow vineyard, high on the slopes before it becomes forest. It is a cool, chalky site. The wine is pure, powerful and serious. There are lovely violet tones, redcurrant, and graphite minerality. It has a lovely, grippy structure and a powdery, chalky texture. 2028-2039 £490 - £555 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRULAPERRIERE Often more Chambolle style than Gevrey, this stony site gives larger berries with more pulp than skin so keeps a bright, fresh style. This is shown in the wine; bright, finessed fruit, redcurrant, milk chocolate and spicy elegance. It is concentrated yet light on its feet. It is bright, elegant, transparent and sopure. It has aweightless power with a fine, grippy finish. 2028-2040 £525 - £590 / 6BOTTLES This site produces strict, powerful wines with small concentrated berries. They use 60% whole bunch to bring out the fruit more. It has a very linear, focused style, bordering on austerity. It shows beautiful, powdery, crunchy red fruit. It is focused, mineral and very impressive. The structure is serious and fresh with firm, powdery tannins. 2030-2041 £535 - £605 / 6BOTTLES CLOS ST. DENISGRANDCRU 50% newoak and 60%whole bunch. It is powerful, elegant and layered. This is serious, intense and closed at this point, but shows what lies beneath. There is an amazing texture immediately. There is so much compact fruit that will unfurl with time. Everything is in perfect harmony, grippy tart fruit, with a full spectrumof complexity. There is great length, grip and silky texture. 2032-2045 £690 - £775 / 3 BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRULES CHAMPONNETS

first seems. 2029-2036

£340 - £385 / 6BOTTLES




DOMAINE PHILIPPE LIVERA - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN We are delighted to have been slowly building our allocations of Domaine Livera over the last few vintages. Formerly Domaine des Tilleuls, they offer Gevrey fromwonderful sites in amore open knit and sumptuous style, but this vintage has offered a cooler, more restrained style of wines. The estate was founded in 1920 by the current owner’s great-grandparents. The family were traditional ‘growers’, selling to Beaune négociants such as Louis Jadot, until Philippe Livera beganmaking thewine in the 1980s. Damien took over full-time in 2007 and revolutionised the estate again. Since the late 2000s he’s practiced “lutte raisonnée” : organic practice but not certified. His daughter Hélène now takes the tastings and has an increasing role at the estate. She’s bringing more finesse and lightness of touch too. They manually plough the soils because the weight of a tractor compresses the soil to the vines’ detriment. A huge amount of work goes into their wines and boy does it show! The wines have such an engaging style. Very floral and exhibit great concentration. The wines tend to be deep-coloured but with brighter lifted fruit on the palate than might be expected in Gevrey, which results in glorious drinking. In 2021 they suffered low yields due to frost, but the quality is very good and the wines are elegant and fresh - wonderful Marsannay and Fixin to be had.


MARSANNAY This was a little reduced so it was hard to decipher clarity in the fruit, but that should come with time. There was decent tart fruit. The palate showed spice and salinitywith a dark fruit finish. 2023-2027 £155 - £175 / 6BOTTLES CÔTEDENUITS Orange zest and cherry fruit – lovely aromatics, some spice, brighter more defined fruit notes of cherry and red currant. Spicy and long. 2024-2028 £190 - £215 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, ENCHAMPS A good site below Champeau 1er Cru, sadly difficult to taste as it was again reduced. But the palate was silky, fine, balanced and fresh, displaying good fruit density with a balanced tannic grip and spice. 2025-2032 £265 - £300 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, LES EVOCELLES This sits at the height of 1er Crus on the slope but just to the north where the slope turns and is therefore a village lieu-dit. On the palate this is grippy and structured with fine fruit and elegant spice. Dark and structured again but good sapidity. Red fruits come to the fore with cherry, strawberry, crunchy redcurrant and present tannins. With the acidity here this should be long-lived. 2025-2031 £275 - £310 / 6BOTTLES FIXIN Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2023-2027 £190 - £215 / 6BOTTLES

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, CLOSVILLAGES Thenose here is perfumedwith cherry and cocoa. It is fine and elegant and quite pretty. On the palate this fine and floral. Still grippy, but lovely fruit with good energy. As we often find, this is the best of their Gevrey. Delicious. 2026-2032 £290 - £325 / 6BOTTLES 2027-2033 £685 - £770 / 6MAGNUMS CHAPELLE-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU Onthenose this is zippywithwildhedgerowfruit – redand black. It’s pure and powerful, lifted, layered and elegant. It’s quiteoakywithgripandpower thatwill certainly come together with time given the energy, density and power. There’s many layers and gears here, just disjointed in its youth. One to cellar and enjoy at full maturity. 2027-2037 £1,265 - £1,430 / 6BOTTLES 2030-2041 £3,100 - £3,505 / 6MAGNUMS 2033-2044 £1,035 - £1,165 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM





DOMAINEHENRI MAGNIEN - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN On our fifth visit to the Domaine we were greeted by Charles Magnien, who was enjoying the fruits of his labour in his new cellars at the top of the village. His wines are as impressive as always. He is all-consumed with vineyard management and wants to avoid over expansion as he’d be stretched too thin in oversight. He grows a particular family strain of Pinot Noir called “Magnien” that is characterized by small berries which leads to natural concentration. In the beautiful vineyard of Cazetiers he is unique in having plots in all four soil types. As head of the Gevrey-Chambertin collective, Charles Magnien is an informed and passionate spokesperson and is intent in persuading the final 5% of growers who use pesticides to desist. He is a fanatic in the winery during vinification: sleeping in the cellar, waking every two hours to ensure the perfect fermentation is achieved. He cold macerates his crop for 10 days at 5-7 degrees depending on the site. He avoids pigeage (pumping down), and employs delestage , where he takes wine out of the barrel to oxygenate for an hour and then returns. For him 2021 is a return to a classic vintage and gives a very true and pure expression of Pinot Noir. He began harvest on the 23rd of September, the wines were made using very gentle extraction as always and cool fermentation to preserve freshness and purity. He is firmly on the radar of critics like Neal Martin and AllenMeadows (Burghound), whichmakes grabbing allocations all the more necessary!

BOURGOGNECÔTED’OR A juicy ripe nose, delicate and floral. The palate is fleshy with plenty of berry fruits and a decent body. Good ripeness on mid palate. The finish is a little smoky, there is a tiny bit of grip here on the finish and a balanced acidty. 2023-2028 £160 - £185 / 6BOTTLES HAUTESCÔTESDENUITS A delicate raspberry nose. The palate is very juicy, with plenty of cool berry fruit characters. The finish is crunchy and intense, really yummy and drinkable. The style is muchmoreCôtes deNuits thanFixindespite its proximity to the appellation. Intense juicy finish. 2024-2031 £160 - £185 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN From a blend of 15 plots, the wine sees 25% new oak. Charles uses less extraction here for a more approachable wine. Lots of work to get good ripeness of fruit, and it undergoes three days of cold maceration. It has a meaty ripe red fruit nose with hints of leather and smoke. The palate is textured and juicy and the tannin very fine. There is a savouriness on the long juicy finish. 2025-2032 £505 - £595 / 12 BOTTLES

GEVREY-CHAMBERTINVIEILLESVIGNES From vines with a minimum age of 40 years, the oldest being planted in 1915, 25% new oak aging. The new oak comes across a little on the nose, bringing spice next to the dark fruit and a hint of yeastiness. The nose has lots of fleshy fruit. The palate is rich and textured. Good ripeness on the mid-palate. The finish has some good sweet spice notes, the tannin is rounded with a bit of grip. A nice meatiness on finish with a hint of herbs and liquorice. 2026-2034 £305 - £360 / 6BOTTLES 2026-2034 £315 - £375 / 3MAGNUMS 2026-2034 £230 - £270 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, CHAMPERRIER From vines planted on red clay soil with a high iron content. All the fruit is destemmed and aged in 33% new oak. The nose is floral, with a slight hint of pepper, generous dark fruit here with spice. The palate is juicy with some good structure. Cool herbs andminerals on the fresh finish. Almost saline. Bit of grip left on tongue from round firm tannins. 2026-2035 £335 - £390 / 6BOTTLES





GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRULESCAZETIERS From vines that are on average 80 years old. Beautiful ruby colour with hints of purple. A meaty, fleshy and tree sap nose. Also showing floral and slightly smoky notes. The palate is juicy full and luxurious. Lots of red and black fruit with a gentle wood influence. A beautiful expression of Gevrey. The finish is cool, with lots of good fruit, herbs and smoke. Very fine tannin. Delicious. 2028-2036 £605 - £710 / 6BOTTLES CORTONGRANDCRULESGRANDES LOLIERES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2028-2042 £785 - £920 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRU4CARAC’TERRES Made using 100% whole bunch and new oak. No punch down, no remontage. Bunches go into tank and that’s it! This is not for the faint hearted. A big Gevrey nose, with lots of red fruit, smoke and spice. Dark and quite modern with bit of stalky character on the palate. Very dark and structured - this will need time to soften up but will be very long lived. 2027-2038 £455 - £535 / 3 BOTTLES RUCHOTTES-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU Charles has reduced the amount of new oak traditionally usedhere andnowuses fully destemmed fruit. Beautifully elegant floral nose, very charming. Cherry, kirsch and grillottes.Mineralandearthywithahintofspice.Thepalate is delicious, such charm, freshness and concentration of fruit. Texture, balance, freshness. The finish is brimming with dark berries and violet. Delightful. 2028-2044 £610 - £715 / 3 BOTTLES

From his most southern plot, he has reworked the vineyard to create higher canopy for shade to protect the fruit from sun damage. Very different on the nose to his other wines but charming and complex, lots of red fruit, bramble, minerals and leather. Smaller berries giving crunchy red and black fruit. More body here, the finish is long and grippy but still kept well in check by the acidity. 2026-2036 £355 - £420 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRULES ESTOURNELLES ST. JACQUES Sadly, volumes are 60% down for this cuvée due to frost. Southern exposure but cool winds keep the vineyard fresh. Gentle red berries and aniseed on nose. Herbs, red brick, cranberry. Palate is fleshy, some dark berries alongside the red fruit here. Good energy, lots of herbs on the palate too. Finish is long, firmand smoky. 2027-2035 £530 - £620 / 6BOTTLES 2027-2035 £370 - £435 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM






DOMAINE DENISMORTET - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN Arnaud Mortet stepped into his father Denis’s big shoes at a young age, owing to his tragic early passing in 2006. Denis was fanatical in the vineyards and treated every wine as if it was a Grand Cru. The result was that he soon attracted a cult following. If therewas ever any criticism, it was that due to all of thewines being aged in 100% new oak, they were sometimes short on charm in their youth, but nevertheless impressive. Arnaud has progressed the style of the Domainemore towards elegance and freshness while still delivering luxurious texture. He harvests at optimum ripeness, giving a sumptuous, savoury aspect to the wines with texture like the finest velvet. They are delightful wines and very impressive. His Fixin, on the ‘cheaper’ end of the spectrum, is really one to look out for. Unfortunately, wewere not able to taste at theDomaine in 2021, but we will still be gladly offering his wines.

BOURGOGNEROUGE Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2025-2032 MARSANNAY, LES LONGEROIES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2026-2034

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRULAVAUXST. JACQUES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2029-2038

£215 - £250 / 6BOTTLES

£690 - £805 / 3 BOTTLES

CLOSDEVOUGEOTGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2021-2039

£270 - £315 / 6BOTTLES

£1,145 - £1,345 / 3 BOTTLES

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, CINQTERROIRS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2027-2035

£450 - £525 / 6BOTTLES





DOMAINE ROSSIGNOL-TRAPET - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN We enjoyed a great tasting at the Domaine in the capable hands of Nicolas Rossignol. Nicolas is a thoughtful and considerate winemaker whose wines had such elegance and poise. This family estate of 13 hectares is really all about Gevrey, but they do have a little Beaune as well. Nicolas and his brother David took over from their father in 1990 and immediately began experimenting with compost rather than chemical sprays. They began biodynamic conversion in 1997, finishing in their Beaune plots in 2004. The majority of the Domaine’s vines are very old, and they are blessed with three Grand Crus: Chapelle, Latricières, and Chambertin. Grapes are handpicked andmanually sorted twice, thenundergo coolmaceration followed by a long fermentation. Their 2021s were ripe and complex, embellished by the vibrant acidity of the vintage. Textured and powerful they are a wonderful representation of top quality Gevrey. Highly recommended.

GEVREY-CHAMBERTINVIEILLESVIGNES This is full of charming ripe strawberries and spice; incredibly moreish and seductive. It is very pretty, fine, pure and berry fruited. It is seductive, welcoming and easy. The sweet finessed fruit overlays grippy structure. Very lovely indeed. 2025-2030 £230 - £265 / 6BOTTLES BEAUNE, 1ERCRUTEURONS An incredibly attractive wine, showing pure hedgerow fruits. It is elegant, juicy, moreish and very, very attractive. A lovely, drinkable wine. 2024-2029 £310 - £350 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRUCLOS PRIEUR From a plot just below Mazis Chambertin. More really attractive fruit, a bit wilder showing brambly fruit, orange zest andspice. It is intense, prettyandopenknit, overlaying a grippy, serious structure. There arepowerdery tanins on the finish and a twist of bitter orange complexity. 2026-2034 £600 - £680 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRUPETITECHAPELLE The plot ajoins the corner of Clos Prieur to the south. It shows beautiful floral aromatics with bruised brambly fruit. It is sunny, open and pretty. It shows lovely, pure red fruit, andahint ofwild spiciness. It is fine andelegantwith a powerful grippy structure. There is a bit more volume thanPrieur,moregrippyandbroader. It is very impressive. 2026-2034 £600 - £680 / 6BOTTLES

CHAPELLE-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU Chapelle is just down the slope from Clos de Bèze. It is immediate, with notes of zesty grapefruit, Turkish delight and spice. It is quite savoury and structured. It is so pure and silky, elegant and ripe. Broad and seductive, but seems to float weightlessly across the palate. Delicious, charming and open knit. 2028-2036 £1,075 - £1,220 / 6BOTTLES LATRICIÈRES-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU SitsdirectlynorthofChambertin. Itdisplaysawonderfully charming exotic nose of rose petals and Turkish delight with spicy, inviting seductiveness. It is complex, layered and powerful, showing a surprising openness despite its complexity and power. The finish is long, juicy and powerful. 2028-2037 £1,075 - £1,220 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU A proper Chambertin. It is powerful, rich, layered and a touch closed. It has a similarly open textured style but more tightly wound and powerful. There is freshness, vibrance and intensity, with fine grained powdered tannins. It is so open, juicy and layered but serious and powerful too. 2030-2042 £1,865 - £2,120 / 6BOTTLES





DOMAINEMARC ROY - GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN This is our second vintage offering Alexandrine Roy’swines. She is the very definitionof a one-womanband at her estate. People might question where the 1er Crus are...but let us tell you that she ekes out 1er Cru quality from these lieu-dits . As she “only” has Village plots, there’s a sense she really gets themost out of her 4 hectares, paying the utmost attention in the vineyard. We couldn’t be happier to take these into stock for top top drinking in the years to come. She isn’t tied to one specific school of thought in viticulture but picks and chooses elements of biodynamics, organic and common-sense approaches. “I’mnot interested in fashions” she said. And we’re thoroughly pleased - as what she’s creating is fantastic. Her 2021s were harvested at the end of September and their finesse and freshness is a testimony to the classic style of the vintage.

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, VIEILLESVIGNES 50% new oak. It is very pure and fine, showing rasperry, blueberry and hints of herbal notes. The palate opens to lovely cherry, orange zest and spicy tones. There is plenty of energy, floral tones and an impressive length. Very pure, elegant and drinkable. 2025-2031 £345 - £390 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, LA JUSTICE, MARCROY From a single plot that was first bought in 2010, the soil is light and stony. The nose is open, charming and bright, reminscent of Chambolle, showing tea leaves and pure, crunchy red fruit. It is high energy, fresh, bright and crisp with high acidity, grippy and ripe. Very fine and elegant. 2026-2032 £395 - £450 / 6BOTTLES

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, CLOS PRIEUR This clos is on the slope just below Mazis Chambertin. There is a beautifully elegant nose, fresh but with power, spice and lovely fruit. It is delicious with spicy hedgerow fruitswithpurity andcomplexity. It is serious and savoury, extrmely vibrant. 2027-2034 £395 - £450 / 6BOTTLES GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, CUVÉEALEXANDRINE This cuvée is a selection of the first picked, early ripening grapes from6 plots. It is very pure, elegant and silky. There is delicious tart red fruit, mingling with hedgerow berries and spice. The finish is long and fresh. 2025-2033 £570 - £645 / 6BOTTLES





DOMAINE ARLAUD - MOREY ST. DENIS We miss visiting Domine Arlaud, which is always a favorite stop of ours. But Cyprien, having had to work incessantly in the vineyard prior to harvest in 2021, shut the Domaine to enjoy a well-deserved break before returning to his wines in the cellar, so he didn’t show his 2020s to customers and we were unable to visit again this year. With nearly 20 years under his belt at the Domaine, Cyprien produces finely balanced and delightful wines: expressive, floral and with a real sense of place. He is certified biodynamic, having worked tirelessly in the vineyards over 3 years to get to this point. He, perhaps modestly, insists the wines virtually make themselves in the chai – all the hard work having been done outside. There is an elegance, with less focus on fruit extraction and oak use, and greater focus onpurity. His commitment andquality are typified by his négociant range – he has the contract not just for the vines’ produce but the whole vineyard management too, and subsequently treats these like he treats his own.

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2025-2033


£550 - £600 / 3 BOTTLES

BONNESMARESGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2030-2040

£260 - £280 / 6BOTTLES

MOREYST. DENIS, 1ERCRULESRUCHOTS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2026-2038

£975 - £1,065 / 3 BOTTLES

CHARMES-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2030-2042

£450 - £490 / 6BOTTLES

CLOSDE LAROCHEGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year.

£985 - £1,075 / 6BOTTLES £1,020 - £1,110 / 3MAGNUMS


CYPRIENARLAUD - MOREY ST. DENIS VOSNE-ROMANÉE, AUXRÉAS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2025-2033 £365 - £395 / 6BOTTLES





DOMAINE STÉPHANEMAGNIEN - MOREY ST. DENIS Stéphane Magnien’s small domaine of 4.5 hectares has long crafted traditional Chambolle-Musigny and Morey St. Denis from old vines and with minimal use of new oak. The Domaine has never used pesticides and the old vines give very low yields bringing concentration and flavour to the fruit. The wines have been good in the past but not outstanding. However, we feel Stéphane is finally stepping out of his father’s shadow and has started producing some beautiful wines from an enviable collection of Premier and Grand Cru vineyards over the last few vintages. His 2021s are cool and juicy, with a lovely purity of fruit and a great expression of terroir. This is Domaine on the up, and we’re sure Stéphane’s star is only set to rise.

CÔTEAUXBOURGUIGNONS, PURPINOTNOIR A delicious bright Pinot Noir made for early drinking. It is crunchy, open and drinkable, showing tart red fruit supported by a firm structure to hold it together in the cellar. 2023-2027 £90 - £100 / 6BOTTLES MOREYST. DENIS, 1ERCRUAUXPETITSNOIX Made with 20% whole bunch, a blend of two plots. It is expressive, pure, perfumed and juicy. There is a very fine, red fruited lift to this wine. The whole bunch brings that freshness and stalky complexity. A long fine finish with some tea leaf savoury note. 2026-2032 £275 - £315 / 6BOTTLES MOREYST. DENIS, 1ERCRULES FACONNIÈRES A touch muted at this stage showing brambly savoury notes. It has a broad shouldered, grippy texture with freshness and brambly fruit. It is well made but needs some time to open up 2028-2035 £395 - £450 / 6BOTTLES

CHAMBOLLEMUSIGNY, 1ERCRUSENTIERS Sentiers is on the Morey side of Chambolle just below Bonnes Mares. There is a wonderful perfume here, floral and bright with cherry and raspberry. It has a spicy character withweight, tension and drive. There is a grippy structure overlaid by crunchy red fruit and floral notes. There is a refreshinglymineral finish. 2027-2035 £555 - £630 / 6BOTTLES CHARMES-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU From1 parcel of 40 year old vines. At present it is a touched closed but with underlying power and complexity. There is fine, pure fruit overlaying serious structure, grippy yet fine grained. It will need time to show its pretty floral tones. 2029-2042 £435 - £495 / 3 BOTTLES CLOS ST. DENISGRANDCRU Right in the heart of the original clos. There is a delicious stone fruit aroma, with a bitterness reminscent of peach stone. It is very, very pretty with a fine, grippy structure. There is restrained power, with bright, lifted aromatics. Delicious! 2028-2041 £435 - £495 / 3 BOTTLES




DOMAINE TAUPENOT-MERME - MOREY ST. DENIS Itwas great tobe back at Taupenot-Mermewith the softly spokenRomain, former banker and 7thgeneration vigneron. He explained to us how their vineyards in the Côte de Beaune required a lot of work for this vintage to avoid frost and mildew and that yields are very low. However, they had much fewer issues in the Côtes de Nuits where their yields were just slightly above those in 2020. They harvested slowly from the 3rd to the 17th of Septembermaintaining freshness and focussing on purity of fruit. Romainmakes very terroir drivenwines. He is gentle with his usage of oak as he believes the quality of his grapes shouldn’t bemasked. He used nomore than 25%newoak for Villages, 30% for 1er Cru, and 40% for GrandCru. He doesn’t use any whole bunch fermentation in his wines, feeling strongly that “the complexity comes from the grapes, not the stems”. Overall, his annual production is still much smaller than in a ‘normal year’ - the wines won’t hang around for long and they get more andmore impressive each year!

REDBURGUNDY CÔTEDENUITS OSA: On Strict Allocation 16 minerality. 2026-2037

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN Very open and generous on the nose with lots of punchy red fruit and with classic Gevrey Chambertin meatiness. Complex aromas of spice and smoke and a suggestion of

GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN, 1ERCRUBELAIR A very fine purer nose full of generous ripe red fruit backed up with lots of smoke and spice. On the palate it is intense with lots of exuberant fruit: raspberry, cranberry and blackberry. The nose then moves to smoke and mineral aromas. The palate is laden with similar flavours, the finish is very long and there is a good grip from ripe rounded tannins. Lots of potential here. Dense but still showing the finesse and elegance of the vintage. 2029-2041 £620 - £705 / 6BOTTLES 2029-2041 £485 - £550 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULACOMBE D’ORVEAU A beautifully expressive Chambolle nose. Lovely red and black fruit, meatiness and big floral aromatics. The palate is classic with a velvety texture. Very fine tannins deliver a real grip. The body holds up on finish which is balanced and fresh. Very good, this will really develop with time. 2029-2042 £620 - £705 / 6BOTTLES 2029-2042 £485 - £550 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM

£290 - £330 / 6BOTTLES

AUXEY-DURESSES, 1ERCRU A blend from two 1er Cru sites; Les Grands Champs and Les Duresses. A vibrant purple colour, soft nose of gentle dark berry fruit. The palate is juicy and fresh with a saline note on the finish. Young, it needs time but the purity will show through. Light and fresh the fine tannin gives a little structure on the finish. 2025-2035 £310 - £350 / 6BOTTLES

CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2025-2036

£310 - £350 / 6BOTTLES

MOREYST. DENIS A lovely nose of cool berry fruit, mineral and earthy notes. Dense ripe berries and a hit of rose petal. The palate is fleshy with more elegant dark fruit and terroir driven earthiness. Fine tannins give a medium body which is well balanced against the fresh acidity. The finish is savoury and long with a faint impression of spice. Cool and restrained; it needs time but will reward the patient. 2025-2036 £345 - £395 / 6BOTTLES NUITS ST. GEORGES, 1ERCRULES PRULIERS The palate is fleshy and generous in fruit. The tannin is fine and ripe, there is some fine grip on the finish which is characterised by fleshy acidity. A serious offering which will only improve with time. 2029-2042 £510 - £580 / 6BOTTLES

MOREYST. DENIS, 1ERCRULARIOTTE Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2029-2043

£545 - £620 / 6BOTTLES



CORTONLEROGNETGRANDCRU Lovely ethereal fruit, mineral influence and smokiness. Black fruit intertwinedwith some herbal notes. The palate has some lovely fruit with that lovely dark mineral note. Plenty of structure and weight here. The finish is a little short but will lengthen with time. It is very mineral with a hint of salinity. There is a touch of warmth on the finish from the slightly higher alcohol levels of Corton. 2029-2044 £955 - £1,090 / 6BOTTLES CHARMES-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU This is truly a super Chambertin nose! Classic notes of red fruit, redmeat, granite stone, rose and wood. Already quite complex. The palate is very intense, rich and ripe but with that lovely freshness of the vintage. The mid palate is full of ripe red fruit, really delicious and moreish and the finish is long and rich and very mineral. The tannin provides slight grip on the finish but is well balanced by the acidity. Very good. 2030-2048 £1,140 - £1,295 / 6BOTTLES MAZOYERES-CHAMBERTINGRANDCRU A prominent nose of both red and black fruit. Sous-bois, smoke, sap, spice. The new oak influence comes across here but in a good way. Very juicy in the mid palate, really singing already! The smokiness and savoury notes really complement the fruit. Charcuterie and wood smoke on the finishmingle withmineral notes and tannin. There is structureherebutwithfinesse anda very juicy longfinish. 2032-2050 £1,320 - £1,500 / 6BOTTLES 2032-2050 £985 - £1,120 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM






DOMAINE GILBERT ET CHRISTINE FELETTIG - CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY Gilbert Felettig, a former rugby player, makes a huge array of fantastic wines that we started buying in 2013. In terms of style, the wines are much like a finely balanced rugby player - a deftness of touch, poised yet muscular. This was especially true from his Côte de Beaune plots in 2020 where his Corton reached 15% alcohol - and yet was fresh and linear. His 2021s are slightly cooler and leaner whichworks very well against the winemaking style. Sadly, the yields are down significantly, with both Corton and Echezeaux at 50% of normal volumes with just 2 and 1 barrels of each. We were really impressed by the quality of the wines, as well as with the wide range of 1er Cru vineyards. Gilbert has been growing the size of the Domaine since he started, and he rents several plots which he cultivates and harvests himself, bringing his total holding to 14 hectares. Allen Meadows noted a few years ago: “I would again call to your attention that the quality at this Domaine has skyrocketed over the past few vintages and there is now an almost night and day difference relative to only a few years ago”. High praise indeed!


BOURGOGNEROUGE Flashy, intense nose, smoky. Very meaty and aromatic. Lots of body. Flashy fruit, textural thanks to the new oak aging, but with good freshness on the finish. 2022-2026 £75 - £85 / 6BOTTLES MARSANNY, LESCRAIS A cheeky little juicy nose with a hint of barrel. Very crunchy and juicy, lots of energy. Finish had very fine tannin and grip. Flashy, juicy, nice. Definitely benefits from the freshness of the vintage. 2024-2032 £170 - £190 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY From 40 year old vines. Punchy red fruit, a slight floral touch. Ripe strawberry and raspberry on the palate, quite full bodied with a decent chunk of new oak bringing structure, smoke and chewiness on the finish. The freshness heremakes for amore classic style. 2026-2039 £265 - £300 / 6BOTTLES BEAUNE, 1ERCRULESCHAMPS PIMONT The malolactic fermentation only finished in September, so still a baby. A cooler red fruit style with glints of wet stone. Silky on the palate there is a very taut acidity on the finish, which is very in balance with the prominent structure. Takes a lot of time to shine but is well worth it in the end. Very fresh elegant finish. 2026-2039 £295 - £330 / 6BOTTLES GEVREYCHAMBERTIN, LA JUSTICE From a very old vine which gives low yields. Deep intense nose, very earthy andmeaty. A very opulent silky style. 2025-2036 £300 - £340 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, CLOS LEVILLAGE Exuberant nose of red fruit, lovely rose perfume. 20% whole bunch. Nosemoves to smoke. The palate is crunchy, tannin very fine. Gives quite intense grip on the finish, freshness is there. The tannin is quite chalky but kept well in check by the vibrant acidity. Dense but fresh. 2026-2039 £310 - £350 / 6BOTTLES

VOSNE-ROMANÉE Anenticingdark, sappynosewithherbal notes andahint of perfume. There is also a good mineral character here and a bit of meatiness. Terroir showing well. Good finesse on the palate, tannin is well managed: soft and well-rounded but brings enough structure. The oak is verywellmanaged as well. Already showing howdrinkable this will be. Good. 2027-2040 £320 - £365 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRU A blend of 5 lieu-dits matured in 100% new oak. Big smoky nose, bit of bramble here. Good terroir driven sous-bois aromas. Some softness and elegance coming though on the palate. There is lots of very elegant fruit here, very fine tannins andgreat freshness. Thefinish is long, savouryand classic. This will drink incredibly well in 10 years. Good. 2026-2037 £475 - £540 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULESCOMBOTTES Quite precise and lifted. There is a lovely dark fruit character here with a slight herbal lift. The use of wood is well judged. Finesse and texture. Great elegance, very light on its feet. Pure fruit, forest floor and floral notes. Long and elegant. Really very good. 2026-2038 £490 - £555 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULES LAVROTTES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2027-2038 £490 - £555 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULESGRUENCHERS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2027-2038 £490 - £555 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULES FEUSSELOTTES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2027-2038 £500 - £565 / 6BOTTLES



CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULES FUÉES Not so much limestone here but white soils bringing lots of freshness and lightness of body. A bit reductive on the nose but with layered dark fruit underneath with a touch of spice. Very silky on the palate, juicy and delicious. The finish is long and ripe but with big structure from very fine tannin and freshness. 2027-2039 £500 - £565 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULESCHARMES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2027-2039 £545 - £620 / 6BOTTLES CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULES LESCARRIÈRES From vines planted on an unusual mix of limestone and white marl. Exuberantly smoky and floral on the nose. Very well made, the fruit is pretty and ripe but there is weight on the mid palate. The finish has lovely dark fruit on the finish with oodles of freshness and slightly more present tannins. A great example of the power versus elegance balance which Chambolle is famous for. 2026-2038 £550 - £625 / 6BOTTLES 2026-2038 £560 - £630 / 3MAGNUMS

CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY, 1ERCRULES PLANTES Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2026-2038 CORTONLESGRANDES LOLIÉRESGRANDCRU From 60 year old vines at the very top of the appellation. Beautifully pure fruit on the nose, lots of berries and some cherry. Real magic of Corton. The palate is packed full of elegant ripe pure fruit. Minerality, structure, balance. Very long and pure. Wonderful. 2028-2043 £650 - £735 / 6BOTTLES 2028-2043 £1,350 - £1,530 / 6MAGNUMS £550 - £625 / 6BOTTLES



CLOSDE LAROCHEGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2028-2043 ÉCHEZEAUX Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2028-2043

£915 - £1,035 / 1 DOUBLEMAGNUM

£1,105 - £1,250 / 6BOTTLES

DOMAINEHUDELOT-NOËLLAT - VOUGEOT TheDomaine is blessedwith owning some of Burgundy’s very finest vineyards, including bothRomanée St. Vivant and Richebourg - half a hectare and a third of a hectare respectively, and nine more in other prized appellations - WOW! Even their Bourgogne Rouge is predominantly Chambolle village, so their quality at the entry level is already extremely high. Allen Meadows consistently classifies them as “top producers” for many of the vineyards we list. The Domaine’s style is aimed at fruit purity and expressive terroir. Only frustrationbeing there is simplynever enoughwine forus!Wearealways stunnedby thequality andbalance across the range. Impressive poise and definition.

VOSNE-ROMANÉE Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2026-2035 CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2026-2035

CLOSDEVOUGEOTGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2030-2041

£400 - £470 / 6BOTTLES

£750 - £875 / 3 BOTTLES

VOSNE-ROMANÉE, 1ERCRUMALCONSORTS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2030-2041 ROMANÉE SAINT-VIVANTGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2031-2042

£410 - £475 / 6BOTTLES

£580 - £675 / 1MAGNUM

NUITS ST. GEORGES, 1ERCRULESMURGERS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2028-2038 VOSNE-ROMANÉE, 1ERCRULES SUCHOTS Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2029-2039

£715 - £835 / 6BOTTLES

£2,610 - £3,045 / 3 BOTTLES

RICHEBOURGGRANDCRU Unfortunately not tasted this year. 2031-2042

£595 - £695 / 3 BOTTLES

£2,850 - £3,325 / 3 BOTTLES




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