CHÂTEAUPONTETCANET, 5ÈMECRU 58% Cabernet sauvignon, 38% Merlot, 6% Petit verdot, 4% Cabernet franc. 35% matured in concrete amphoras the rest in oak 50% of which is new. A ripe generous nose, very fine and opulent in a style that we like very much, with pure cassis and a bit of bramble fruit. Cool, fresh elegant and precise. The palate is modern and full of fruit. The tannin is fine, ripe but quite grippy so still quite serious. The finish has some good freshness and a slight floral lift. Very good, rich with a decent amount of tannin to back it up. A modern style that definitely delivers. DRINK: 2032 - 2048 £400 - £480 / 6BOTTLES WA91-93 CHÂTEAULYNCH-BAGES, 5ÈMECRU 67% Cabernet sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 3 Cabernet franc, 5% Petit verdot. 18 months in barrel, 75% new oak. A dark ruby colour, opaque. On the nose there is a good pure Cabernet expression with some flowers and a dollop of plum from theMerlot. Generous cedar andwoodsmoke fromthe oak, very rich and powerful true to Pauillac. The palate follows suit with lots of leafy and rich dark fruit, some red fruit notes and plenty of tannin here, well worked but quite grippy on long finish and mineral finish. This wine will take a long time to be ready to drink, but it is well made, concentrated and intense. DRINK: 2032 - 2050 £485 - £575 / 6BOTTLES WA93-95 CHÂTEAUPICHON-LONGUEVILLE BARON, 2ÈME CRU 88% Cabernet sauvignon, 12% Merlot. 18 months in barrel, 70% new oak which is less than in usual vintages. Quite a serious nose with attractive pure and ripe cassis fruit, blackberry and graphite. In contrast the palate is full of red berry fruit, not quite as serious as their neighbour Lalande this year. The nose is quite classic, but the palate is muchmore generous with quite a noticeable freshness. A bit of tannic grip on the finish showing structure but the overall style is of an approachable wine which is all about the fruit. DRINK: 2028 - 2046 £630 - £750 / 6BOTTLES WA94-96+ CHÂTEAUPICHON-LONGUEVILLE LALANDE, 2ÈME CRU 88% Cabernet sauvignon, 10% Cabernet franc, 2% Merlot – 70% newoakup to 18months inbarrel, tobe confirmedas theymonitor its evolution. A big classic note of pencil lead and shavings on the nose. A Cabernet big boy! Dark and dusty, with some real spice coming through and an elegant floral note from the Cabernet franc. Very attractive in its traditional style. They like to make a style which starts quite cool and closed, not too showy, but where the fruit really comes through in the glass with a bit of air contact. Very elegant and fine. Palate is cool and classic. The tannin is very fine and dark giving an elegant structure. Classy, inky, dense and concentrated with a little spice and red fruit on the long finish. Complex and fresh, a real keeper. One of the top wines of the left bank. DRINK: 2032 - 2048 £765 - £895 / 6BOTTLES WA94-95+

LE PETITMOUTONDEMOUTONROTHSCHILD 77% Cabernet sauvignon, 19.5% Merlot, 3% Cabernet franc, 0.5% Petit verdot. A pretty and aromatic nose aromatic mainly on the red fruit red fruit but with some serious Cabernet notes. The palate is very open and intense, with crunchy berry fruit, cassis, cedar and bramble. The tannins are very fine giving a medium body and the finish fruit driven and fresh. DRINK: 2026 - 2036 £910 - £1,075 / 6BOTTLES WA89-91 CARRUADESDE LAFITE 55% Cabernet sauvignon, 36% Merlot, 5% Cabernet franc, 4% Petit verdot. A slightly reserved nose of dark berries, pencil lead and savoury notes. The palate is classy, cool and dark, packed full of fruit. The tannin is fine and ripe and the finish has an earthy note with decent freshness coming through. Classy, well worked, showy andmodern. DRINK: 2026 - 2038 £950 - £1,150 / 6BOTTLES WA90-92 CHÂTEAUMOUTON-ROTHSCHILD, 1ERCRU 89% Cabernet sauvignon, 10%Merlot, 1% Cabernet franc. A ripe but serious nose of cassis and blackberry fruit. Quite juicy on the palate but with a serious very fine tannin. Very Pauillac, the power is there. The finish is long and on the fruit. Lots of potential to develop complexity. Pretty and well made. There is a slight mineral note on the finish and a good level of freshness which keeps it all together. DRINK: 2032 - 2050 £2,300 - £2,750 / 6BOTTLES WA95-96 CHÂTEAULAFITE-ROTHSCHILD, 1ERCRU 96% Cabernet sauvignon, 3% Merlot, 1% Petit Verdot. Lots of classy cassis fruit and a serious, herbal menthol note on the nose. A bit austere and savoury. The palate is packed with serious Cabernet fruit, very dark and rich with a slight mocha note on the finish. Tannin is serious and substantial but well worked. Good freshness on finish. A very well made and serious wine in a dark, savoury style. DRINK: 2032 - 2050 £2,600 - £3,200 / 6BOTTLES WA95-97 The 2021 Lafite-Rothschild is “a brilliant wine that shares some similarities with the formidable 1996 ... likely to prove almost immortal.” -WILLIAMKELLEY,WINEADVOCATE




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